How to Set Up a One Time Offer

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As an internet marketer you are losing out on a great source of income if you are not utilizing one time offers or OTOs. A one time offer is simply an up sale of an enhanced product or the cross sale of a related product. If you are selling an inexpensive product, say a $7 report, why not attempt to up sell the customer while you have them on your site?

You can set up an OTO on any page. If you have someone sign up for you newsletter, you can add an OTO on the confirmation page. If you sell a product usually a low priced product you can set up an OTO on the download page. You should carefully plan your approach. The page with your one time offer should make it clear to that the customer is only going to see this page one time. Once they click the “No Thank You”link the offer will be gone forever.

When a client clicks on the no thank you, they would be forward to their download, confirmation page or another one time offer. Just because a client does not take the first OTO does not mean you cannot offer another. However you should be considerate and deliver the product the client purchased.

Finally, as with any internet marketing you need to test your results. With EZ OTO Manger you can set up and monitor all your OTOs right from your desktop! Setup and configuration of EZ OTO Manager is a breeze because everything is managed through the Windows GUI. Establish an FTP connection, create a new MySQL database (cPanel only) or connect to an existing one and populate it with the required tables all without touching your web browser!

You will be able to participate in those big joint ventures you see and hear about. When a heavyweight in the business calls you up and tells you that he’s got a new course coming out for $1500 a pop and you can make 30% of that with your list of 20,000 subscribers, you know that your house will be paid off this year.

We never sell lists but we do recommend other products to our lists. Now you can almost double your list by contacting your big list buddies with your free premier package offer. Give away an awesome niche market package to your associates in a joint OTO Links give-away. You all team up and win big with a 10 to 15% increase in your opt-in list. If you haven’t already done so, create a membership site or series of membership sites around your niche markets. Your big list can be a great market research tool for your business. When you’re ready to crate a new product, contact your list and ask them what they need and fulfill the demand with a new product.

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